How to wear men's braces

Braces are an accessory that never quite go out of style. Some men prefer braces to a belt because they hold the trousers up more comfortably than a belt (both when standing and when sitting). Some men just love the fashion statement they make and enjoy the feeling of being extra stylish when wearing braces. If you are exploring the possibility of trying braces from time to time, it is important to understand the specific details of exactly how to wear men's braces before you see whether they fit your fashion style.

Select the proper braces for your clothing. Clip-on braces are not considered formal enough to wear with a business suit. Braces for a business suit will be made of silk and will have button holes for attaching to the trousers. They need to be coordinated with other colours being worn (suit, tie and shirt). Never wear a belt at the same time as braces.

Make sure your trousers have interior buttons for attaching the braces to the waist line of the trousers.

Coordinate your braces with your tie, but do not match it identically. The two should compliment each other but not be made of the same patterned silk.

Find a pair of bachelor buttons if you want to wear a pair of button hole braces with trousers that do not have interior buttons. Bachelor buttons are an accessory that modify trousers to wear with button hole braces. (See Resources at the end of the article.)

Button the braces onto the trousers. Braces have one attachment in the center back and two in the front. Attach the braces to the two centre back buttons on the trousers before putting on the trousers.

Put the trousers on and pull the braces up and over your shoulders. Button the four buttons on the inside of the trousers to the corresponding buttonholes of the braces in the front.

Adjust the braces so that they are comfortable. They should not be adjusted so that they pull your trousers up to a position that is uncomfortable.

Position your trousers so that they are where you like to wear them. Then adjust the braces so that they are just going over your shoulders and attaching to your trousers. You don't want them to pull your trousers up out of the height that is comfortable for wearing.

Things You'll Need

  • Trousers with brace buttons
  • Braces with button holes
  • Bachelor buttons (optional)
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