How to Make a Bell Rope

Updated April 17, 2017

A bell rope is simply a rope that is attached to the the frame of a bell. Pulling on the rope causes the bell frame to swing back and forth, thus moving the clapper inside the bell. When the clapper hits the bell, it causes it to ring. A bell rope can be made of any material, natural or synthetic. Natural materials must be some sort of fibre such as the inner bark of trees, milkweed, hemp or dogbane. Anything fibrous will do. Let us see How to Make a Bell Rope:

Flatten and straighten your fibre. Make sure it is dry and clear of any debris like outer bark or woody bits.

Take two strands of equal length and twist them together. Take another two strands of the same length and twist them together as well.

Place the two twisted strands together and twist them together in the opposite way from which you twisted the original strands.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to make additional lengths of twisted cord. Twist these cords together to make your rope thicker. Always twist in the opposite direction from the previous twist.

Lengthen your rope by untwisting the very end of a cord and splicing in more fibre. Splice in more fibre by twisting another fibre onto the end of the previous fibre. The bottom end of the additional fibre will be twisted around the top end of the existing fibre.

Continue splicing until the rope has reached the desired length. The desired length is the height of your bell frame from the floor, plus a little bit left over so the rope can drag on the ground. Tie the top end of the finished rope to the bell frame.


Thicken your rope by continuing to bind together groups of twisted cord. Cables are simply huge masses of individual ropes - or wires - twisted together.


Always lengthen your rope one strand at a time. Do not splice an entire section of rope onto another. Always add one strand of fibre to one strand of fibre and then proceed to twist the new section into a rope.

Things You'll Need

  • Strands of fibre
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