How to Make Wooden Picture Frames

Wooden picture frames are used to display photos, art or graphics in homes and businesses. These frames can be very costly when purchased from a store. This is especially true if you need one to frame an odd-sized picture. However, you can make your own wooden picture frame that is very affordable, and you can customise it to fit any size picture you want. Several items, as well as basic woodworking knowledge, are required.

Find the dimensions of the picture using the measuring tape. Write this information down. This is the inside measurement of the frame.

Add the width of the wood used in the frame to know the actual dimension of the outside of the frame. Make note of the width and length. Multiply each by two to get the overall length of wood needed.

Purchase especially prepared wooden frame moulding. This type already has a groove for adding glass into the frame. If this is not something you need, buy any type of wood moulding you would like to use.

Buy other items needed to complete the frame. This includes enough cardboard to cover the back of the wooden frame and any of the additional things you do not have.

Cut the wood into the needed sizes--two pieces each for the width and length of the wooden frame. Use a handsaw or have it cut when you buy it.

Use the mitre box to make the corner cuts of the frame. Position the pieces together to verify the fit.

Put some of the wood glue on the edges of the corners. Utilise the corner clamps to hold the pieces of wood in place. Use the rag to get rid of any extra glue. Allow to completely dry.

Take the corner clamps off of the wooden picture frame. Employ the sandpaper on any areas that are rough.

Use stain or paint on the finished frame, if desired. Allow the frame to dry. Cover the wooden frame with a clear coat to protect it and add shine. Allow it to dry.

Connect the picture hanger to the back of the wooden frame. Center it on the top part of the frame.

Place either glass or Plexiglas into the groove on the frame, if you would like. Put the picture in position from the back. Staple the piece of cardboard onto the frame to hold the picture in place.


Any pictures that are going to be displayed using a mat board should use its dimension in place of the actual picture.


If you are making a wooden frame for a big picture, you may want to reinforce the corners with small nails, staples or dowel plugs.

Things You'll Need

  • Picture
  • Measuring tape
  • Frame moulding (Wood)
  • Cardboard
  • Handsaw
  • Mitre clamp/box
  • Wood glue
  • Rag
  • Corner clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or paint (optional)
  • Clear wood finish
  • Paintbrush
  • Picture hanger
  • Matt glass or Plexiglas (optional)
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
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