How to wear a tie pin

Updated February 21, 2017

Those who like to concentrate in the small details that give a look a polished touch will definitely like to wear a tie pin. The little adornment can easily go from charming to garish if it's not worn right. Some tips will help a tie pin enhance your look rather than detract from it.

Pick your pin. Several types of tie pins are on the market. You can choose from the tie bar, an elongated bar that clips to the tie; the tie tack, a small, button-like adornment that pins through the tie; or a tie stick pin, which features an adornment on a thin pin with decorative base.

Select the appropriate tie. Traditional ties work best, although you could stick a small tack pin through the enter of the bow tie. The tie pin should stand out and not compete with the tie. If you have a very loud tie you want people to notice, pick a very subtle tie pin or none at all. If you have a tie that would be enhanced by the tie pin, like a simple design that would look grand with a dot of onyx attached, go for the tie pin.

Attach the pin according to its design. Tie clips are simply clipped to the side of the tie and should always be shorter than three-quarters of the tie's width. If it's not, either get a smaller pin or get a wider tie. Tie tacks attach to the tie with the base pin sticking through the tie and secured in the back with a small pin back. The tie stick pin attaches with the entire pin part hidden beneath the material and only the top adornment and bottom pin stopper visible.

Attach the pin where folks can see it. Tie pins and the like are normally attached to the upper right side of the tie. If you are wearing a jacket, place the pin about two inches above the jacket's top button. If you are not wearing a jacket, attach the pin a bit lower, but keep it in the top third of the tie. Another option that works well for ties tucked in V-neck sweaters, is to sport the pin in the centre of the tie's knot.

Wear it proudly and often. Tie pins are one of the few ways guys in suits get to express themselves. Invest in a quality, attractive pin that you wear daily if it suits the suit.


Tie pins and other tie accessories are available at jewellery and department stores, thrift shops or online (see Resources). Some tie pins will come with matching cuff links or other accessories to create a stylish ensemble. Some tie clips and pins can do double duty by securing the tie in place. Clip or push the pin through the tie and the front of the shirt, with the tie laid flat, so the tie does not come out of place.

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