How to Repair a Portable DVD Player

Updated April 17, 2017

Portable DVD players are great devices to have, especially if you have young children and plan on taking long trips or vacations. These mini players come equipped with a plasma screen and even a remote control. Like most electronic devices, you will occasionally run across some trouble and may need to make a few routine repairs to your DVD player. Fixing and managing the repairs on your portable DVD player are not difficult and do not require you to have any expertise in electronics. With a few household items, you can repair your portable DVD player and have it up and running in no time.

Clean the DVD movie disc. Many problems that occur with portable DVD players have nothing to do with the player itself, but rather the condition of the discs you play. Check the back of the discs for dirt, fingerprints and scratches. These can all interfere and prevent your DVD player from being able to read the information on the disc. Use a soft cloth and some disc cleaner to wipe the disc clean. Start from the edge and work your way to the centre of the disc.

Check the picture settings on your portable DVD player. If the picture on your portable DVD player seems to be distorted or stretched, you may need to adjust your settings depending on the type of movie you are playing. Often, portable DVD players are set for widescreen movies or full-screen movies. If you are watching a movie on the wrong setting, this can affect the quality of the picture on the screen.

Eject any stuck DVD discs from your player manually. Occasionally, a disc you are wanting to play may be warped or have a peeling sticker that has caused the door to jam up. Flip the portable player over and find the manual eject hole. Stick a paper clip or safety pin into the hole to open the disc door. Remove your disc from the device.

Insert a DVD cleaning kit disc into your portable DVD player. This type of disc cleans all the dirt and grime off your DVD player laser lens. Many plays will create dirt and dust to build up on the lens and prevent it from reading the information contained on the DVD.

Check the battery pack to make sure it is not dead. Batteries for portable DVD players typically only last three hours or so. If your DVD player will not turn on, you might have a dead battery. If your battery is lasting less than three hours, you probably need to replace it.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD disc cleaner
  • Safety Pin
  • Cotton balls
  • Soft cloth
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