How to make a feather fan

Updated April 17, 2017

These feather fans are perfect for masquerade balls and costume parties. They turn out very luxurious looking, making them the perfect accessory for that decadent period costume. They also make good Mardi Gras party favours for those who came without traditional Mardi Gras masks. Once you're done using them, they will be too pretty to throw away. You can save them for reuse, or hang them up in your home.

Chose 25 large feathers that are the same colour or coordinating colours. This project comes out best if you use ostrich style feathers. Using regular feathers detracts from the elegance of the fan. You want that great sweeping motion and luxurious look that you get with ostrich feathers.

Take the Popsicle stick and lay it on a flat surface. Arrange your feathers on the stick in a fan shape. Add more feathers, play with the colours and move the feathers around until you have your perfect fan. Place your thumb just above the bottom of the quills to secure them into place and run a line of hot glue across all the feathers. Let it harden. This should hold most of your feathers into place, but a few will need individual attention. Individually glue any stragglers or loose feathers into place.

Start with the back of the fan, opposite the side you just glued your feathers to, place a line of glue about 1 inch long on the top of the Popsicle stick. This is to hold the ribbon into place. Begin wrapping the ribbon around the stick to cover it, hot gluing as you go. You want to do this about 1 inch at a time because if you hot glue the whole stick in one line, it will dry at the bottom before you have wrapped all of your ribbon. Wrap the ribbon all the way to the bottom, trimming off an excess.

Add embellishments to the front of your fan. This is what gives your fan its personality. You want one large piece like an old brooch or piece of costume jewellery. This will serve a dual purpose: it's decorative and it covers the remaining quills or any pumps caused by hot glue. Glue some dangling beads or ribbon to the front of your fan, then glue the giant brooch or other decorative element to the front to tie everything together. Once you have finished decorating the fan, let the glue dry and make sure everything is secure enough to not fall off while you're using it. Add additional glue where needed, and your fan is completed.

Things You'll Need

  • Twenty-five large feathers, all roughly the same size
  • Popsicle stick
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon
  • Old brooch, beads or costume jewellery
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