How to Replace a Ford Power Window Motor

Updated February 21, 2017

If your Ford vehicle has power windows, each has a small motor that operates the regulator that contains and controls the window. If the power window controls aren't working and you know the problem isn't electrical, the motor might need replacing. Consult with your auto mechanic or parts store and make sure you get a replacement motor for your specific Ford vehicle. Then, you must remove the window regulator from inside the door to replace the motor.

Lower the window to the bottom so you can easily access it and the regulator. Disconnect the negative battery cable once the window is down.

Open the door and remove the trim panel. Remove all the screws, starting at the door handle bezel, and slide the panel off of its retainers. Disconnect all electrical connectors on the panel. Peel away the plastic water shield and disconnect the window motor assembly's harness.

Disconnect the bolts holding the window to the regulator and slide the glass out of it. If the vehicle has an upper window frame (like an F150 or other truck), push the glass up and tape it to the frame. If there is no upper frame (like on a Mustang), remove the glass completely.

Remove the bolts fastening the regulator to the door and disconnect its electrical connectors. Fold the regulator assembly's sides together and slip it out of the lower hole in the door frame. Remove the front side bolts on the motor and wiggle it off of the cable housing. Make sure the cable gear stays in the housing.

Wiggle the new motor into place on the regulator within the cable housing. Put the fastener into its proper location and replace the front side bolts for the motor.

Place the regulator back into the door (you might need to twist it into place) and reapply the bolts holding it to the door. Push the glass back down into the door and fasten it back on the regulator.

Attach the plastic water shield back on the door and install the trim panel. Test the motor and window operation by raising and lowering the window.

Things You'll Need

  • Window regulator motor
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Adhesive tape
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