How to hang curtains using curtain rings

Written by amy hannaford | 13/05/2017
How to hang curtains using curtain rings
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Got a window that needs sprucing up? Hanging curtains is an easy way to decorate a window. There are various ways of hanging curtains but the most common is using curtain rings. Choose a decorative curtain rod to match your home decor and pick curtain rings to match. Then simply choose the curtains to finish the look.

Select a curtain rod to fit the window. Some rods fit on the inside of the window frame and others go on the outside of the frame. Decide what look you want and then measure accordingly.

Attach the curtain rod above the window. Slide the curtain rings into place. Curtain ring clips are a nice alternative and work great for curtains that don't have holes in the top. Curtain ring clips also make it easy to try out different curtains.

Attach the curtains to the curtain ring clips. Start at one end of the curtain and clip on the curtain ring. Continue working across the curtain until all the clips are used and the curtain is attached.

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