How to build a hot tub deck

Updated April 17, 2017

A deck can be an ideal location for a hot tub as it provides an elevated, clean and flat surface on which to dry off after taking a dip. Building a deck to support a hot tub is quite different from building an ordinary deck. Since it needs to hold a significantly greater amount of weight, it must be sturdy and strong.

A typical deck measures 8x8 feet. Mark the perimeter with stakes and string. Determine the centre of your plot by the meeting point of strings that are strung diagonally from corner to corner, marking this point with an additional stake.

Mark all the other locations of pier footings with stakes. On an 8x8 foot deck, there would be 13 of these: one for the centre, 4 for the corners, 4 placed at the centre point of each side and 4 placed between these and the centre stake.

Dig square holes at each of the pier footing locations, at least 2 feet deep, and lay a thin layer (2 to 3 inches) of sand over the bottom of the holes. Level and compact the sand.

Place the pier footings vertically inside, making sure they are firmly set and level, then compact your soil around the footings. Add enough soil to form a slope at the base of the footing so that puddles will not form once your hot tub is installed.

Secure the deck's support frame over the pier footings. Before setting up the support frame you will need to cut all your wood to the proper lengths--in this case 8' x 4," which can be done by attaching two 8' x 2" boards--and shapes so that the pieces fit together perfectly. Use metal T-plates to fasten the wood boards together atop the support pillars.

Secure the flooring of your deck. Screw 2x4 planks over the support frame, leaving a small gap between each board. For saftely, countersink your screws.

Coat your deck with weather-proof finish and stain according to taste. Sprinkle some sand into the finish before spreading to prevent slips in case water spills out of the hot tub. Allow to dry.


Since hot tubs usually weigh at least 318kg. dry and 1588kg. when filled with water, plan your hot tub placement before delivery of the tub itself.


Do not confuse ordinary deck plans with hot tub deck plans--the latter are specially designed to support much more weight. Consult with your hot tub supplier for more detailed instructions on deck building.

Things You'll Need

  • Treated wood planks
  • Piers/footing
  • Measuring tape
  • Shovel
  • Stakes
  • String
  • Sand
  • Saw
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