How to tell peoples personality by their handwriting

Updated November 21, 2016

Handwriting analysis is a surprisingly accurate way to gain insight into someone's personality and current emotional state. While it takes years of study and analyzation of hundreds, if not thousands, of writing samples to become a professional graphologist, you can become an amateur handwriting analyst by looking out for a few basic components of handwriting. Looking at the size, shape and baseline of someone's handwriting offers a quick analysis of their private and public persona.

Collect a writing sample. If you are analysing yourself, write a few spontaneous sentences, sign the paper and date it. If you are analysing someone else, have that person write a sample, sign and date it.

Examine the size of the handwriting sample. Large writing indicates a desire to be noticed and to stand out. Medium-sized writing reveals a desire to fit in, and small handwriting indicates a person who would rather blend in.

Compare the size of the sample signature to the handwriting sample. The signature indicates how a person wants to be perceived. The same principles as in Step 2 apply, but this analysis applies to the subject's public persona.

Notice the slant of the writing sample. Handwriting that strongly leans to the right indicates someone who is impulsive and enthusiastic. A slight right slant is consistent with a person who is sociable and outgoing. Vertical writing is characteristic of someone who is independent and practical. Left-slanted writing indicates a person who is reserved and possibly shy. Varying slants indicate an emotionally unpredictable person.

Compare the slant of the signature to the slant of the handwriting sample. The slant of the signature indicates how to person wants to be publicly perceived.

Analyse the baseline, or line against which letters are naturally written, of the writing sample. The baseline can change with a person's mood so this part of the analysis offers a glimpse into the current mood. A straight baseline is indicative of a stable, determined person. An up-sloping baseline shows a hopeful, optimistic person, while a down-sloping baseline could be a sign of pessimism or a tired, overwhelmed person. A varied baseline may indicate an emotionally indecisive mood.

Scrutinise the baseline of the signature in comparison to the baseline of the sample for a glimpse into how the person wants his mood to be viewed by the public.

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  • Black pen
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