How to Make Your Own Dragon Costume

Do-it-yourself Halloween costumes are a great project for budget-conscious parents A dragon costume provides ample opportunity for creativity and personalisation. Boys can be scary green, red, or black dragons with sharp teeth and claws, while girls could be a white or pink dragon adorned with glitter. Let your child help design this costume and turn Halloween in a fun family holiday.

Select the colour of your dragon and buy sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt in this colour. If you want to make your dragon especially large, purchase the sweatshirt one or two sizes larger than the child.

Adorn the belly of the dragon with scales. Cut out several oval shapes from felt or a shiny material. Then, cut each oval in half to make scales. Lay they scales over the belly so they overlap slightly and the sweatshirt underneath is not visible. Sew each scale into place, one row at a time. Begin with the bottom row as each row of scales should lay over top of the row below. For a simpler way to make scales, you could also sew one large oval onto the belly of the dragon and draw scales on with a marker.

Make spikes for the dragon's back. Cut triangular shapes out of the felt or other material---two triangles for each spike. Cut thin pieces of foam in the same shape. Sew the triangles together to form a pocket, slide the foam in, and sew the spike onto the back of the sweatshirt. Repeat for at least three or four spikes.

Give your dragon wings. Sew a triangle of the sheer material to the sides of the sweatshirt and the undersides of the sleeves. Allow plenty of room for your child to lift his or her arms. When standing with the arms extended, the wings should hang loosely from the sleeves.

Make a dragon tail. This should be another triangular shape, only much thinner and longer than the spikes in the previous step. Sew two matching triangles together to form a pocket and fill this with stuffing. Sew the tail on to the bottom of the sweatshirt or the top of the sweat pants.

Make the dragon's head. Cut shapes for eyes and a mouth out of the red, white and black felt. Sew the eyes onto the top of the hood and the mouth onto the very lip of it. Make small white triangles for teeth that hang down from the edge of the hood. To make the dragon head larger, fill it with some extra stuffing. You could add a spike or two to the dragon's head as well.


Get creative with your dragon. He can be happy, angry, or even covered with glitter.

Things You'll Need

  • Hooded sweatshirt
  • Matching sweatpants
  • Felt or shiny fabric in a contrasting colour
  • Additional fabric in the colour of the sweatsuit
  • Sheer material
  • Stuffing
  • Red, black and white felt
  • Foam
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine, or needle
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