How to become a Mac makeup artist

Updated April 17, 2017

As with any professional career, proper training, product knowledge and field experience will take you far in your career. Being a make-up artist is no different. If you aspire to become a make-up artist using the MAC product line, you will need to be properly trained and stay current on MAC product information. Make-up artistry is a competitive business, so you must make yourself stand out above the rest.

Attend cosmetology school. Cosmetology school offers more than just learning how to cut hair. Most schools offer programs specific to make-up techniques and application. It is crucial to know the chemistry of make-up as well as other background information. Although you do not need a license to be a MAC make-up artist, earning a degree will carry a lot of weight in your career field.

Compile a portfolio. Using MAC make-up and a few friends, take photos of your work as a make-up artist. Store the photos, your license and any additional achievements professionally in a binder.

Know your product. In order to use MAC make-up professionally, you must know every aspect of your product. Become familiar with the product line, company history and any additional information regarding MAC, such as press releases and annual reports.

Speak to a manager. Equipped with your portfolio and a head full of product knowledge, speak to the manager of the MAC counter at your local department store. Working at a MAC counter will help you to gain hands-on training and experience. It will also help you to gain a clientele of MAC customers if you ever decide to do freelance work.


The Estee Lauder company or its MAC line do not endorse specific cosmetology schools or artistry programs. However, some programs endorse the MAC line due to its reputation.

Things You'll Need

  • Cosmetology license (optional)
  • Photo binder
  • Digital camera
  • MAC products
  • Computer with Internet access
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