How to make money fast for teens

Updated February 21, 2017

The average teenager is interested in the latest fashions, newest electronics and hanging out with friends. However, these things require cash, and most teens rely on their parents for money. Yet, there are plenty of ways for teenagers to earn a buck. Whether you're looking for steady income or quick cash, the money making opportunities available for teenagers are numerous.

Get a part-time job. If you're looking for steady income, work after school and on the weekends to earn extra money to buy clothes or a car. Restaurants, retail shops and some customer call centres regularly hire teenagers for part-time work.

Offer babysitting services. Speak with family friends, relatives and neighbours, and offer to babysit their children. Charge a dollar rate per hour/per child, and earn quick cash with only a few hours of work. Hang up flyers offering your services to those in your neighbourhood.

Do extra chores around your house. Strike a deal with your parents and offer to complete extra household chores in exchange for a higher allowance. Extra chores may include cleaning out the garage, raking the leaves, mowing the grass or washing the cars.

Start a pet care business. Watching and caring for family pets is a profitable business. People go out of town or spend hours away from home, in which they'll need someone to walk their animals and provide food and water on a daily basis. Earn extra cash by pet sitting or walking neighbourhood dogs.

Consider a lawn care business. You can start a lawn care business with little money. All you need is a lawnmower, a rake and perhaps a lawn edger. Use your parent's equipment to start with and then purchase your own if you make enough money. Post flyers in your neighbourhood, or go door-to-door and offer your lawn care services.

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