How to Care for Oranda Goldfish

Updated July 20, 2017

Known for their oddball appearance, oranda goldfish look like they have a brain on the outside of their head. Orandas make hardy aquarium pets once they reach adulthood; as a medium-sized breed of goldfish, the oranda does not take up very much space and will not require a pond. If you meet their basic needs, like adequate tank size and a healthy diet, then your oranda can live for well over 10 years.

Wash off the sides of the tank with warm water. Do not use soap or chemicals.

Wash the gravel or rocks with warm water. Rinse them off well to get rid of floating particles, like dust. Empty the washed substrate into the bottom of the goldfish tank.

Wash out the inside of the filter with warm water. Rinse off the carbon insert with cool water and insert into filter. Hang the filter on the back of the tank and fill the reservoir with water.

Hook the air pump and tubing up to the air stone, and then bury the stone under the gravel.

Fill up the goldfish tank with cool tap water. Turn on the filter and the air pump. Treat the water with the dechlorinator, and then allow the tank to cycle for at least a week before adding your oranda.

Test for ammonia and nitrite levels; they should come back with a reading of zero. The tank can safely house oranda goldfish at this point.

Purchase an oranda goldfish. Look for a fish with a plump belly, intact scales and bright colours. Only select alert fish that do not have ragged fins.

Transport the fish home in an air conditioned car, and then float the bag with the oranda inside your tank for at least 15 minutes. After the temperature in the bag matches the tank water, open up the bag, net out the oranda and release it into your tank.

Feed your oranda goldfish no more than two meals every day. Vary the diet with a mix of goldfish flakes, fresh vegetables and fruit. Do not let the food float on the top of the water -- your oranda will develop buoyancy problems from sucking in air.

Test the water parameters weekly. Your local pet store can test your water for you if you do not wish to purchase a test kit.

Conduct a water change on your tank at least once per week. Always dechlorinate new tap water before adding it to your oranda's aquarium. Water changes will prevent the ammonia, nitrite and other waste products from poisoning your oranda goldfish.

Change the filter media at least every month. Always rinse off the new filter media before placing it in the tank.


Goldfish grow too large to live in bowls. Goldfish require well-aerated water and heavy filtration. If the ammonia and nitrite do not read zero, continue allowing the tank to cycle without goldfish until they do. Oranda goldfish enjoy live worms and frozen fish food as treats. You will need 0.454kg. of gravel per gallon of water.


Do not release the bag water from the store into your tank; this can release harmful parasites, like fish ick.

Things You'll Need

  • 30-gallon fish tank
  • Filter
  • Tap water dechlorinator
  • Aquarium gravel
  • Air pump
  • Air tubing
  • Air stone
  • Water test kit
  • Goldfish food
  • Filter media
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