How to make chair covers for weddings

Updated April 17, 2017

So you have found the perfect wedding reception location. The only problem is that the chairs at guest tables are straight out of the 1970s! You can rent chair coverings from local establishments, but why not try your hand at making these simple chair covers for your wedding reception?

Grab a measuring tape, and head over to your reception hall to obtain chair measurements. Measure chair height and width. Having these measurements is critical before purchasing your chair cover fabric.

Head over to your favourite fabric store and browse through the many bolts of fabric. Choose your chair cover fabric based on the theme and/or formality of your wedding. For example, if your wedding will be very elegant and formal, fabrics such as embellished tulle, silk, brocade, organza and even velvet are suitable choices. If you are planning a simple garden reception and want to set a lighthearted, carefree tone, select a fabric such as chintz, polished apple, damask, calico or even a plaid homespun. Vintage fabric (if you have a lot of it) is also an unusual choice for covering chairs, especially if the fabric has sentimental value.

Once you have selected your fabric, purchase enough yardage to account for your chair measurements. Take the chair height measurement and at least double it so that you have a nice fabric drape.

Head over to the ribbon aisle at the fabric store. Choose a ribbon to tie around each chair that matches your fabric and wedding theme/formality. There are thousands of ribbon choices available to match any wedding style. Again, if you have a few rolls of vintage ribbon at your disposal, this is also a great option for securing chair covers.

Cut your fabric and ribbon into pieces suitable for covering each chair. Then for each chair, simply drape the piece of fabric equally over the front and back of the chair. Wrap the ribbon around the chair, and tie a bow in the back.

Embellish the chair cover by adding fresh flowers to the ribbon bow. For formal weddings, roses are a perfect choice. For more casual receptions, daisies and field greens add simple elegance. This is also a great opportunity to add a splash of colour to the ensemble by choosing flowers that match your wedding hues.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Fresh flowers (or other embellishments)
  • Measuring tape and/or yardstick
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