How to make custom clothing labels

Updated March 23, 2017

When making clothing, it's fun to have custom labels for each garment as a special touch. For those who sell their handmade clothes, labels are a must. Custom labels are simple to produce and can be printed on a home inkjet or laser printer.

Decide what will be on the label. For those creating labels for retail, the country of origin and materials must be listed, as well as complete laundering instructions.

Download and install a template from Avery (see Resources). Open up a new document, and load the template.

Insert the content using centre justification for a uniform appearance. Ensure your print will fit onto your twill tape.

Go into your printer options and check the box that says, "Mirror Image." Print the page.

Cut the tags from the paper.

Cut the twill tape into label-sized lengths.

Take each iron-on tag and apply it to the twill tape. Press the ends of the tape under (about 1/4 inch) to create a finished edge.


Do not iron the transferred image.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron-on transfer paper
  • Printer with "Mirror Image" option
  • Scissors
  • Word processor
  • Fabric content and place of origin information (for retail apparel only)
  • Twill tape
  • Iron
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