How to Wire Outdoor Flood Lights

Updated July 20, 2017

Providing proper light in dark areas is not only good for safety, but will give much needed light to those night time outdoor tasks that need to be done. Wiring an outdoor flood light is a great addition to your outdoor setting.

Turn off the electricity at the main.

Attach electrical wire to the nearest outlet making sure to match wire colour. To do this you will unscrew the outlet faceplate and remove it.

Unscrew the outlet from the conduit box and attach the flood light wires onto the side screws of the outlet where the electrical wires are.

Run your wire in the wall to where you want the switch.

Wire the switch in only on the black wire. Cap the white wire together with the next run of wire that will be going to flood light.

Run the wire in the wall from the switch to the flood light, again matching wire colour and capping where the wires connect.

Turn on the electricity to test the flood light.


Turn off the electricity before beginning.

Things You'll Need

  • Electrical wire with matching amperage (ask an electrician for help determining the proper amps)
  • Electrical switch with matching amperage
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