How to Remove Windshield Streaking

Updated February 21, 2017

When you're driving and it suddenly rains, you may inwardly groan at the prospect of trying to see clearly in a storm. Many times, when you turn your windshield wipers on, they leave behind large streaks. These streaks restrict how well you can see. You can use a number of methods to get rid of any streaks on your windshield.

Get a better quality windshield wiper blade. Cheap or old wiper blades tend to make streaks across your windshield. Try Tripledge or Silblade brand windshield wiper replacement blades.

Clean the wipers. If your wipers contain a lot of dirt and debris, they'll leave behind streaks. Clean off the wipers and windshield with any type of window or glass cleaner.

Check to make sure the windshield blades are secured properly. When wipers loosen, they drag across the glass and leave behind marks. See if the springs at the bottom of the blade are still in tact.

Consider a product like Rain X. When you spray Rain X on your windshield, it prevents streaks from forming on the windshield. Buy this product from any local auto accessory dealer.

Spray the windshield with washer fluid. When you're driving, you can get rid of streaking marks by using your car's washer fluid feature. Let a moderate amount spray the windshield before wiping it away.


If you don't want to get rid of the streaks on your own, take your vehicle to a local Jiffy Lube. They have a windshield service packages available.

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