How to wire a 7-pin trailer plug

Written by k.k. lowell | 13/05/2017
How to wire a 7-pin trailer plug
Hook up your trailer's electronics with a seven-pin connector. (Photos by KK Lowell)

Seven-pin trailer connectors are used on recreational vehicles and trailers. Over time, these connectors can become corroded and cause wiring problems, or become physically damaged, requiring a replacement. Parts are available online and at most auto supply stores, making this a good choice for a do it yourself project.

Loosen the screws on all the terminals on the back of your new seven-pin trailer connector.

Remove one wire at a time from the old connector and transfer it to the new connector. Be sure to install it in the same position on the new seven-pin connector. Remove the wires from the connector by loosening the screw on each terminal.

How to wire a 7-pin trailer plug
A guide to installing a seven-pin connector.

Install the wires by referring to this chart to install a seven-pin connector on a new trailer. Be sure to tighten the clamping screws securely.

How to wire a 7-pin trailer plug

Use the proper colour code to aid in troubleshooting lighting problems in the future.

Coat all connection liberally with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion.

Things you need

  • Seven-pin trailer connector

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