How to patch an aerobed

Updated April 17, 2017

The AeroBed is a deluxe, high quality air bed that is very sturdy, and equally very portable. Because it has gained a reputation for its comfort, it is often used as the primary mattress in the home. Whether you have your AeroBed for travel only, or as your regular, every night mattress, there may come a time when you need to patch it. This usually happens around the seals, where prolonged use can weaken the AeroBed. If your AeroBed is not holding air as long as it used to, try this easy repair method before buying a new one.

Find the leak. Fill a clean, empty spray bottle with water. Add a few drops of dish washing liquid. Spray your AeroBed, starting at the seams and working toward the centre, until you see bubbles start to form. Air flow causes the soap to form bubbles and is the easiest way to indicate the location of the leak. Stick a piece of tape to your leak to mark it and continue to look for others if you suspect more than one leak.

Create a patch. If you have a patch that came with the AeroBed, use it. If you do not, you can purchase one from a pool supply store, or make one by cutting a small corner from a shower curtain liner. Cut whatever you are using as a patch into the shape best suited to your leak. If the leak is on an area that will have contact with your body, such as on the top of the mattress, rounded corners will prevent snagging.

Seal the hole. It is likely that your AeroBed came with a patch kit that also contained a glue-like sealant. You can use this if you have it. If not, you will need to purchase a sealant. See the Resources section for an excellent sealant that is available in most department and craft stores.

Dry the area around your leak completely. Liberally apply sealant to the centre of your patch and press it to the leak. You want a fair amount of sealant to remain between the leak and the patch, so don't press the patch so hard that you force all the sealant out of the sides.

Press the edges of the patch, adding more sealant as necessary until the entire patch has adhered to the bed. Gently hold the patch in place for a few moments to allow it to seal and to start to set.

Let your sealant dry for as long as the manufacturer recommends. Once the sealant is completely dry, you can use small cuticle scissors to trim off any lose edges. Inflate your AeroBed to a comfortable level, and you are ready to go.


Some sealants do not require the use of a patch, however using one helps form a double bond, and also makes the area smoother for sleeping.


Sleeping on your Aerobed before the sealant is dry can cause air pressure to force your leak back open.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape
  • Patch
  • Sealant
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Spray bottle
  • Dish washing liquid
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