How to Set Up Voice Mail on a BlackBerry

Setting up your voice mail account on your new BlackBerry only takes a few minutes. If you buy your BlackBerry in a store, the sales associate will set up the account for you. However, if you purchase your BlackBerry online, you will need to set up the voice mail manually when the phone arrives. Activating the voice mail, setting up the password and recording a greeting can be done in a few easy steps.

Activate your voice mail by clicking the wheel of the phone icon on the BlackBerry’s main menu. Click again to bring up the phone options menu. Click "Call Log > Call Forwarding." Choose the option to have your unanswered calls forwarded to voice mail. Click Save.

Create a voice mail password by entering the phone options menu and clicking "Voice Mail."

Type in the voice mail access number, which is the phone number of your BlackBerry. Type in a four-digit password.

Click the wheel to open the pop-up menu, then click "Save > Escape" to save your voice mail password settings.

Create a personalised voice mail greeting. Call your own phone number on the BlackBerry and press the # key after the default message begins to play. Follow the voice prompts to record your own message. Press the # sign to save your recorded greeting.


After you set up your voice mail, you can enter the settings by dialling your own BlackBerry number and hitting the # sign during the voice mail message. Sometimes carriers preset the voice mail settings and you will need a password to enter and customise the settings. Most carriers use 1111 or the last four digits of your phone as the temporary password. If those options don’t work, call your service carrier’s customer support.


BlackBerry voice mail settings are designed by the service carrier, not BlackBerry. Most carriers use voice mail settings that are the same or similar to the ones described here, but if they don’t work, call your service carrier customer support line for help.

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