How to make paraffin wax

Updated April 17, 2017

Fruits, sweets and vegetables are sometimes packaged with paraffin wax to prevent water loss and to prevent the food from spoiling quickly. Paraffin wax will also give your edible creations an attractive shiny looking appearance. Paraffin wax is also used in many types of beauty treatments. It has the ability to make your skin smooth as well as very soft. Although you can buy paraffin wax at many shops, you can also make your own.

Buy a packet of paraffin. Make sure that the paraffin that you purchase has been manufactured for your intended purpose; for example, edible paraffin if you're using it as a food additive.

Use an incubator to melt the paraffin that you have selected. Once the substance has melted, transfer the paraffin to a new container while leaving behind the water.

Add a small amount of purified beeswax to the paraffin, about five per cent of the mixture. Place the mixture in moulds and cool it down quickly by submerging it in cold water. Your paraffin wax will then be ready for use. With the spa paraffin, you can add scents (like lavender) to the paraffin before including it in the bath.

Make a large supply of the paraffin wax and keep it in the moulds until you are ready to use it. In order to add paraffin to your recipes, measure out the amount that you need and then slowly melt it on your hob or at a low power level in the microwave. The wax keeps for several months as long as it is kept out of high temperatures.


Some novice cooks worry about the paraffin wax giving a funny taste to their food, but it doesn't have a noticeable taste.


Paraffin wax is flammable at extremely high temperatures, so practice caution when handling. Warm gently in order to prevent the wax from overheating.

Paraffin wax does not necessarily have the same ingredients as other types of paraffin. Some types, like those for candle making, are not meant to be ingested.

Things You'll Need

  • Incubator
  • Paraffin
  • Purified beeswax
  • Moulds
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