How to Make Harry Potter Pattern Robes

For cosplay, dress-up, or Harry Potter movie marathons, you can use a basic pattern to make your very own Harry Potter-inspired wizard's robe. This simple pattern will make a basic robe, but different fabrics and embroidery can personalise the robe and put you deeper into that magic feeling.

Put the piece of fabric on the floor so you have plenty of room to fold. Flatten the fabric and fold it in half.

Fold the fabric in half once again lengthwise. The fabric will now have four layers to it. It should be at shoulder height, and half the length of the arm span.

Ensure that the fabric is flat, and pin the layers together around the edges.

Take the thickest corner of the layers and mark a semicircle around it with chalk. Measure the subject's neck and divide it by four, and take 2cm away from that measurement.

Measure 45cm from the top-left corner. Mark it with chalk. This will be the bottom of the sleeves.

Measure 30cm from the top-right corner and mark with chalk. Measure the subject's chest/bust width, add 25cm, then divide it by four. Measure to the left that amount from the previous point and mark it with chalk.

Take the width of the folded fabric and multiply it by 0.66 to measure the shoulder of the sleeve. Mark with chalk.

Connect the sleeve points with lines. Pin along the inside of the marked lines.

Remove the pins from the outside of the fabric.

Cut out the sleeves and neckline using a sharp pair of scissors.

Verify that when unfolded the fabric looks like a cross with a hole in the middle.

Hem the smaller edges of the "cross" to make the edges of the sleeves.

Fold the entire piece of fabric in half, making the robe. Sew along the bottom of the sleeves and sides of the robe.

Turn the robe right side out and try it on your subject. Don't force through the neckhole; this process takes a bit of trial and error to find the right fit.

Trim 2.5 to 5 inches (6.35cm to 12.7cm) from the front, and a smaller amount from the back. The neckline should come down lower at the front than the back.

After hemming the neckline, it should be easier to fit the subject's head through.

Hem the bottom of the robe by trying it on once again with shoes. Ask someone to help pin the bottom of the robe to adjust the length.

Press the hem with an iron and sew along the edges.


Different alterations to the pattern such as pockets and a hood may be added. Get creative!

Things You'll Need

  • Easy-care fabric, 5 feet wide and twice the length from feet to shoulders plus several inches
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Iron
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