How to fit bifold doors

Updated July 19, 2017

Some older homes were built with very little cupboard and wardrobe space, prompting later homeowners to add wardrobes in whatever available space they could find. Often, this resulted in cupboards built without doors, simply because there was no room for a full size door. Installing a bifold door is an ideal solution to this problem. These doors can be bought in ready-to-install kits at DIY superstores such as B&Q, Homebase and others.

Install the doors

Mark a line 6 mm (1/4 inch) from the front edge of the top of the door frame.

Install the track to the top of the door frame, lining it up on this line. Use the wood screws provided in the door kit.

Install the top guide in the top track. Install it on the right side of the track if your door will fold to the right. Leave it slightly loose for adjustments.

Pre-drill the screw holes for the bottom frame guide and the door jamb. Use a 1.5 mm (1/16 inch) bit.

Attach the bottom guide to the door frame and jamb on the same side of the door opening as the top guide. Screws for this are also provided in the door kit.

Locate the pre-drilled hole on the top edge of the pivot side of the door and install the top guide pin.

Insert the roller in the pre-drilled hole on the opposite top corner of the door.

Install the toothed guide pin in the pre-drilled hole located on the pivot side of the door bottom.

Lift the door and insert the pivot pin in the hole in the top guide while also placing the top roller in the track.

Slide the bottom of the door into the frame and insert the toothed pin into the bottom guide.

Adjust the top guide and the location of the bottom guide until the door opens and closes properly.

There should be an even gap on both sides of the door.

Add door knob

Install the door knob. You will need to drill a hole through the door for the screw, which is provided in the door kit.

For a right-opening door, place the knob on the hinge side of the left door panel. Locate the knob in the vertical middle of the door panel.

Open and close the door a few times and make any necessary adjustments.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Bifold door and hardware
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