How Can I Find Out Someone's Birthday?

Updated March 23, 2017

It can be quite embarrassing to forget the birthday of a friend, family member or co-worker. Whether you're unsure of an acquaintance's birthday or need age verification for an individual's background check, resources are available to aid your search. Searching public records online is one way, among others, to verify someone's birthday.

Ask the individual's significant other, sibling, close friend or other family members. Most people close to the individual should know her birth date. You can also ask one of these people to ask the person discreetly on your behalf.

Contact the person directly. Call, text or e-mail the individual and ask him his birth date.

Navigate to a social networking site, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and check the person's profile. Some sites, such as Facebook or MySpace, will even send a reminder via e-mail or text to alert you of the person's upcoming birthday.

Access people search websites, such as or Most websites require you to at least know the individual's first and last name and location to retrieve information. For example, when using, enter the person's full name and approximate age into the search fields. Click "Search" to view the individual's birthday in the search results, if available. To view more detailed information, click the "Public Records" link. You might have to purchase a monthly subscription or pay a fee to view the person's personal records, which may include the birth date.

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