How to Use Your LCD Projector to Watch TV

Updated February 21, 2017

An LCD projector can project any video image with liquid crystal clarity---including television. If you already have cable or satellite TV installed, an LCD projector can give you the equivalent of a big screen TV set. You just need to make sure the projector can connect to your receiver box through an RCA component (red, green and blue) or composite (yellow, white and red) cables. Add speakers to project the sound, and you can turn your entertainment room into a small, personal cinema.

Connect your LCD projector to your cable or satellite receiver box. Use the best cable connection available to attach the box's output to the projector (it will likely be the RCA component connection). You shouldn't need to disconnect the receiver box from the TV if it's using a different connection.

Have the receiver box connected to external speakers, since the projector won't transmit audio. If you already have a surround sound system installed, that will work. Otherwise, get a set of speakers and connect the cable/satellite box's audio output to them. Use component cables if possible, but you may have to settle for composite.

Clear a wall in your entertainment room of any pictures, decorations or anything else hanging. Drape a large white bed sheet over the wall. You may be able to use a very light colour like sky blue if you don't have white.

Make sure you can plug in all three of your main components---the projector, receiver box and speakers. The biggest challenge should be the projector since it likely won't be in the same location as the other two. You may need an extension cord or extra surge protector.

Find the best spot to place the projector. You want the best combination of size and clarity with the picture projected onto your bed sheet screen. Use the projector's focusing lens also. Once you have the best location, keep the projector placed there.

Turn off the lights in the room. Turn on the cable/satellite box, speakers and projector to watch the TV image project onto the wall.


The projector may allow you to use an HDMI cable, which gives the best audio/video quality. If you use this, you will still need to connect the audio output to external speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • LCD projector
  • Cable/satellite TV receiver
  • Speakers
  • Component/composite cables
  • Extension cord
  • Bed sheet
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