How to Make a Body Wrap Towel After a Shower

Updated April 17, 2017

Wrapping a towel around you after a shower is the fastest way to dry off and cover up at the same time, but with most towels simply wrapped around your body, you run the risk of them coming undone and leaving you embarrassed. By creating a secure-hold body wrap with the towel, you'll be able to dry off without the worry of overexposing yourself.

Find a towel that is large enough to wrap around your entire body. Smaller people may only need a normal bath towel, while larger people may need a bath sheet. For women, the towel should wrap around your chest above the bustline and cover your body. For men, the towel should wrap above the hips and cover you fully to the knee.

Measure your bustline or waistline where you want the top of the towel wrap to hit. Make sure the towel wraps around this area and has plenty of overlap (at least 3-5 inches).

Mark the towel at the point of overlap so you will know where to sew the Velcro. This should be at the point where the corner of the towel overlaps the longer part of the towel.

Cut the Velcro to fit the 3- to 5-inch strip of the towel that will overlap. You should make sure the Velcro reaches the edge of the towel to make sure it will fasten securely around the body.

Sew the Velcro to the towel, making sure to keep it straight and putting the rough edge on the side that will face away from the body when the towel wrap is worn. This way, if the Velcro is slightly off when fastened, it won't rub the skin with the rough portion.


Take accurate measurements of the area above your bust or waist to ensure the towel wrap fits securely around your body and won't slide down.


Don't skimp on the Velcro. Make sure the strip you use is wide enough to hold a substantial amount of the towel together or it could fall off.

Things You'll Need

  • Large Bath Towel
  • Velcro
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