How to attach a folder to an email

Updated March 23, 2017

If you are sending multiple files as attachments in an e-mail, attaching each file is time-consuming and can be confusing if the list is long. You might attach the same file more than one time or you may miss one of the files in your list. Rather than attach each file separately, put the files in a folder and zip the folder to create one compressed file. That will make your e-mail more organised and will reduce the size of your e-mail.

Compile a folder full of files you want to e-mail. Make sure that everything in this folder is something you want to send.

Right-click on the folder.

Choose "Send To" from the context menu and select "Compressed (Zipped) Folder."

Windows will create in the same location another folder with the same name as the original folder. However, the new folder will have a zipper on the folder icon and will have a ".zip" extension. This zipped folder will contain all the files for attachment.

Log into your e-mail account or start up your software and create a new e-mail.

Click on "Attach" or "Attach files," and navigate to where the folder is stored on your computer. Remember to choose the zipped version of the folder.

Click "Send." Your e-mail, along with a folder full of files, will be sent.


This will work with both Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can send multiple folders at once using this method.


Folders with a lot of large files, even if they are compressed, will take longer for you to send and the recipient to download.

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