How to Start a Wedding Invitation Business

Updated April 17, 2017

Your creativity and flair for print design can be put to good use in the wedding business, particularly when it comes to invitations. Brides and grooms are always looking for the latest avante-garde styles that help them express their individual tastes on their big day.

If you are looking to parlay your love of design into a wedding invitations business, here are a few tips that will help you get started. So far, you are well on your way---a knack for designing quality print products already puts you a few steps ahead.

Purchase print design software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, to begin designing wedding invitation design ideas and drafts that eventually will turn into your wedding invitation products. Look for software that allows you to create new designs and format files for upload to e-mail or websites.

Set up a website, MySpace or Facebook page, or some other online portal to display your polished wedding invitation designs. Circulate the web address to potential clients and customers so they can see examples of your work. You also can use social networking sites to market to potential clients based on their relationship status. For example, you can try to "Friend" people who are listed as engaged as a way to politely solicit new business.

Establish relationships with high-quality printers in your area. Visit their facilities, ask about the equipment and software they use, and find out if they have experience printing intricately designed products such as wedding invitations. Make it clear you are interested in starting a long-term professional relationship and would like to find the right fit for your wedding invitation business.

Create a "look-book" of your wedding invitation designs, fully printed and complete with accompaniments such as response and thank-you cards, for potential clients to browse. While an online portfolio is essential for your business, a print portfolio that allows potential clients to view the true look and feel of your invitation designs will help you close the deal.

Become familiar with bulk mailing practices for items such as wedding invitations by visiting your local post office. Be sure to know the basics such as the cost and number of stamps needed based on the weight of each envelope. Also find out how to order special stamps such as "Love" stamps and postmarks from cities with romantic names like Loveland, Colorado, and how to create envelope seals that add a special touch to your products, all while following U.S. Postal Service guidelines.


As your business grows and you are able to hire staff, consider expanding your line of offerings by adding personal-touch services to your wedding invitations, such as handwritten calligraphy for envelopes. You could also create templates within your print design software for basic wedding invitation sizes to help cut down on project time and free yourself up to concentrate on more personalised services.


A reliable printer is essential to your wedding invitation business' success. Be sure to establish a relationship with a printer that not only has a long track record of customer satisfaction, but also demonstrates evidence of being fiscally sound. It is absolutely necessary to find a reliable printer or printers that can withstand hard times and continue to deliver quality products for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Print design software such as the Adobe Creative Suite
  • A website for your wedding invitation business
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