How to find a cell phone number by name

Updated July 20, 2017

With the growing number of people who have cell phones, it is very difficult to keep everyone's cell phone number in mind. Luckily, cell phones are equipped with a contact list or address book feature to organise all of your numbers by name. This function helps to eliminate the stress of locating someone's cell phone number in the midst of all your stored numbers. Finding a cell phone number by name can now be done in seconds.

Enter the telephone number on the dial pad to save a cell phone number by name. After the number is complete, click on the "Save" button. A contact screen will then pop up for that number. Enter the name and other contact information for the person to whom the number belongs. It is now saved in the phone and can be accessed at any time.

Click on the "Menu" screen or locate and press the "Menu" button to access a saved phone number. Once the "Menu" window is open, look for the command or icon titled "Address Book" or "Contacts." After you have located it, open the “Address Book” or “Contacts” folder. For a touch-screen phone, tap on the icon or title. For a phone that uses buttons, move to the icon or title by pressing the up or down arrow button and click on it using the “OK” button.

Locate the first letter in the person's name, either by tapping on the letter of the first name for touch-screen phones or typing the first letter of the person's name on the dial pad of the phone. The screen will show in alphabetical order all of the people whose first name starts with that letter.

Locate the correct person. To do this, scroll down the list by rubbing the touch screen or using the down arrow button on the cell phone. Once the person's name is located, tap on the person's name for a touch screen or press the "OK" button for non-touch-screen phones.


After the person's name is tapped or the "OK" button is pressed, the person's "Address" or "Contact" file will open. When the file is opened, all the numbers that are saved for that person—such as mobile, home and office numbers—will be displayed, depending on what type of information has been entered and saved.

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