How to Curl Hair With GHD Straighteners

Updated April 17, 2017

With your ghd straightener in hand, you no longer need a separate curling iron. Style your hair sleek and straight or create fabulous curls whenever you feel like it, all with a twist of your ghd straightener. Your ghd straightener can be your all-inclusive hair styling machine.

Wash and dry your hair. Curling washed hair will produce smooth, shiny curls. It's important to dry your hair to minimise the heat damage from your ghd straightener.

Brush your hair thoroughly and apply a heat-protectant spray. This will create a barrier between your hair and ghd straightener, and prevent it from burning.

Separate and tie your hair into five sections. Divide your hair into two equal sections for the back of your head, another two equal sections for the top of your head and finally a section for the crown. Dividing hair makes it easier to curl.

Hold your ghd straightener vertically and take hair an inch in width, from the back of your head, close to the nape of your neck. Clamp your ghd straightener shut, ensuring you hold the ends of the section with your free hand. Rotate your ghd straightener 180 degrees and move it down slowly through the length of hair. When you reach the end, release the curl. Continue the process until you have completed all five sections of hair, finishing with the crown.

Rub a small amount of shining serum in your hands and apply it gently to your curls. This will loosen your curls and give you a dishevelled look. For a more defined look and to make your curls last longer, spray them with hairspray. For more great styling ideas, see the ghd website (a link is in Resources, below).


The slower you move your ghd straightener down your hair, the tighter the curl. The bigger the section of hair you take, the larger and looser the curl will be. ghd also offers styling products, from hairspray to shining serum to hair lotion to give your hair volume (see Resources). Hairspray will protect your hair against moisture and humidity.


Avoid brushing your hair too much, or the curls you created will turn into a frizzy mess. Be cautious not to burn yourself when using your ghd straightener close to your scalp. To avoid pulling or dragging your hair, don't clamp your hair in your ghd straightener too tightly.

Things You'll Need

  • ghd straightener
  • Heat-protectant spray
  • Shinning serum
  • Hairspray
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