How to find a residential address

Updated March 21, 2017

Many organisations--such as fire and rescue squads, news crews and water and trash companies--need to find a residential address quickly. A slew of other businesses also need to locate residential addresses routinely.

Type the address into a GPS system--a satellite-based mapping device. The GPS display will guide you to the location.

Look up the address on a street map. Find a street map of the city in which the address is located. Look on the map's street directory for the name of the street you're seeking. Scroll over to the coordinates of the street on the map. Find the coordinates on the street map, and look at where the street is in comparison to where you are.

Open a city address directory book. Some publishing companies create address criss-cross directories for most large metropolitan areas. Open the directory to the name of the street you're seeking. Look for the numerical address of the residence. You can then scroll up the page to the nearest tabs to determine the closest main cross streets of the residential address. These cross streets are typically more identifiable and allow you to more easily find the residential address.

Telephone the residence, if you also have the phone number to the residence, and ask the residents for directions. You can also commonly obtain the phone number for the residence in the criss-cross directory mentioned in Step Three. Scroll across from the address; the name of the occupant and the contact phone number are usually listed next to it.

Ask a postal carrier or taxi driver who works in the area where the address is located.

Things You'll Need

  • Residential address
  • GPS system
  • Map
  • Address directory
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