How to make a timeline in a word document

Written by tricia goss | 13/05/2017
How to make a timeline in a word document
Use a timeline to display time-specific information graphically. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

A timeline lists the chronological order of a series of events, such as project milestones or the history of a person who is being honoured with an award. Microsoft Word includes SmartArt graphics that enable the creation of a timeline. If you regularly need to create a timeline, or simply need a graphic for a school or business presentation, learn to manipulate the tools in Word to create a timeline and graphically display time-based information.

Open Microsoft Word on your computer. Select "File," and then "Open" to open a new document.

Select the "Insert" tab. Click "SmartArt," which resides in the Illustrations group.

Select "Process" from the Choose a SmartArt Graphic Gallery, and then click a timeline layout, for example, a Basic Timeline.

Enter your text on the graphic by clicking [Text]. Paste or type the appropriate milestone.

Add additional milestones to the timeline by highlighting a shape on the timeline. Then click the arrow to "Add Shape" in the Create Graphic group, which resides under SmartArt Tools on the Design Tab. Choose to add the milestone either before or after the selection you've highlighted.

Delete a milestone by selecting it and pressing the "Delete" key.

Select "File," and then "Save" to save your timeline information.

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