How to Grow Spring Onions Indoors

Do you always buy bunches of spring onions (scallions) only to discover a couple of weeks later that they have rotted away in your vegetable crisper? Wouldn't you rather have fresh scallions whenever you need them? Don't have a garden to grow them? Here are tips on how to grow spring onions indoors for a constant supply that you can freeze or use fresh.

Start by buying a bunch of spring onions at the supermarket. Choose the freshest ones you can find. They will have crisp dark green leaves and hard, white bulbs with roots. Wilted leaves and soft or slimy bulbs are not fresh.

Prepare containers by filling them halfway with quality potting soil that is light and drains well.

Cut the leaves off the bunch of onions, leaving the bulb and roots intact. Use the leaves in your recipe or freeze for future use.

Position the bulbs in the containers allowing at least an inch of space between bulbs. Add potting soil to cover up to three-quarters of the bulbs. Leave the tops of the bulbs exposed (do not bury the bulbs completely). Water well.

Place the containers on a kitchen window or a window location that receives much light. About 6 hours of direct sunlight is recommended, but a very bright window is sufficient.

Water the container when the soil feels dry. Be sure drainage is good because onion bulbs rot in standing water.

When leaves have grown, cut off leaf sections to fill the quantity needed in your recipe. Use scissors for clean cuts.


When spring onion leaves are lush, trim off some of the leaves and freeze for future use.


Keep indoor herbs away from pets. Cats are known to nibble on kitchen window herbs.

Things You'll Need

  • Bunch of spring onions
  • Containers
  • Potting soil
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