How to make a cell phone number show up as private

Updated April 17, 2017

Do you sometimes wish that you could call someone and not have your phone number show up on their phone? Perhaps you want to surprise someone, or simply want to prevent your number from ending up on another calling list. Regardless of the reasons, it is possible to make your phone number show up as "private" when calling from your cell phone.

Dial 67 and then dial your home phone number or a friend's phone number. For example, if the number you're calling is 123-4567, dial 671234567. This tests the process--while there's no reason for it not to work, it's better to be safe then sorry.

Ensure your call showed up as "Private" (or "Unknown" or "N/A," depending on the service provider) by checking the Caller ID of the phone you dialled.

Dial the number you want to call privately by dialling 67 before the number, just as you did in your test. If the number is a long-distance number, simply add in the number 1 and area code after 67; e.g., for the phone number (407) 123-4567, dial *6714071234567.

Call your cellular service provider to make this change permanent. You can usually do this by dialling 611 from your cell phone. If you do that there will be no need to dial *67 before each call.

Unblock your number temporarily after having made your number permanently private by dialling *82 before dialling a number.


Many people do not answer calls from an unknown or private number, so it might be better to block on a case-by-case basis rather than permanently. Many phones are set to not even accept calls from blocked numbers.


A blocked number will still show up when calling 911 or a toll-free number.

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