How to Organize a Wedding Guest List in Microsoft Excel

Updated April 17, 2017

As the wedding day draws near, the time will come to make a final wedding guest list that bears no trace of cross-outs, scribbles, add-ins, question marks or "A-list" and "B-list" categories. It is possible to make a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate list of guests receiving wedding invitations using Microsoft Excel. You can use this program's features to place wedding guests, and all of their pertinent information, in one organised document.

Designate columns one and two for guest names. The first column will be salutations (Mr. or Mrs.) and the second for actual names as they will be written on your wedding invitations. For example, the first column will contain "Mr. and Mrs." while the second column will contain "John and Jane Smith and Family." This will help you alphabetise, if desired, without the name salutation skewing the results.

Designate the next two columns for guest numbers by party. The first column will give the number of adults in the party while the second column will give the number of children. Feel free to colour-code individual cells in the column to help you differentiate between those who will need adult entrées and those who will need children entrées.

Add one column that will designate whether or not the guest(s) will be attending. This column can also be colour-coded based on the answer. Or, create an additional column to have "Attending' and "Not Attending" columns.

Continue to add more columns based on your individual organizational needs. For example, you might want to add a column that will determine if the guests should receive a welcome gift in their hotel room, or a column that shows where guests will be staying.

Add up the numbers in the "Adult" and "Children" columns once you have finished entering all of your guests by highlighting the column and clicking the "Autosum" button. Then, highlight and "Autosum" the two totals for an instant tally of invited guests.


While it's possible to add as many organizational columns as you like, don't overdo it. Try to keep things as simple as possible for the number of guests you will be inviting. Sort your guests by highlighting the column with guest names, clicking "Data," then "Sort," then designating how you would like the names to be listed.


Always save, save, save your document. Try to save the document at least once every five minutes. If something happens and you lose your work, the redo of the entire guest list will be that much more painful.

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