How to decorate a table for a birthday party

Updated April 17, 2017

Decorate the birthday party table to match the birthday party's theme. The decorations should also be age appropriate. The decorations can be simple or more elaborate, depending on how big your table is and how many guests are attending the party. The table may be the place where the guests have a snack, where they sit for cake and where they sit for present opening time. Keep in mind how many different uses the table will have before you add too many decorations to the table. A festive and theme tablecloth is the most important item to include when decorating the table.

Move all chairs away from the table. Vacuum or sweep thoroughly under the table. Check the table legs for looseness or unevenness. Also check the chairs. Clean the table, including the sides. Add a table leaf if you have one. Attach the table cloth to the table. Add a line of double stick tape along the top edge of the table. Place the table cloth on the table. Position it so it is even on all sides. Press down to attach the table cloth to the table. Wrap streamers around the legs of the table, and secure the ends with tape.

Clean off all chairs. Place the chairs around the table, and add any chairs if needed. Check to see how many chairs can comfortably fit around the table. Attach bows around the back of the chairs. The bows may be made out of streamers, crepe paper or gift wrapping ribbon.

Place a centrepiece matching the birthday party theme in the middle of the table. Choose something that is one piece that can be easily moved when it's time for the cake. For a birthday party with favour bags, make the centrepiece out of a container and include the favour bags in the centrepiece. Each guest make take one when they sit down.

Set out name cards for each guest. The name cards may be made from extra invitations, or decorated pieces of paper. Give the guest of honour a place at the head of the table. Decorate that chair with balloons and streamers.

Sprinkle colourful confetti, plain or themed on the table. For an adult party place small vases or glasses filled with flowers around the table. Add lit candles. Set the table with the theme paper goods for a small party.


Because most birthday parties are casual events, consider the place cards a courtesy only, especially at a kids' party. Skip the confetti for parties for children four and under.

Things You'll Need

  • Tablecloth
  • Streamers
  • Confetti
  • Theme centrepiece
  • Matching tableware
  • Place cards
  • Tape
  • Double stick tape
  • Bows for the chairs
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