How to Donate Pet Blankets

Updated February 21, 2017

Pet blankets are items that animal shelters distribute to their residents for comfort and warmth. Since many shelters operate on donations and limited budgets, pet blankets are not always feasible purchases. You can help animal shelters stay stocked by donating pet blankets to them. This is a worthy project for a class or group to undertake as a seasonal project to assist in caring for the furriest members of their community.

Call friends and tell them you are collecting thick towels and small blankets for the local animal shelter. Ask them when you can pick up their donations.

Visit thrift stores and buy small blankets and large towels.

Take home all your donations and launder them. Wash them in the washing machine with unscented washing powder.

Dry the blankets and towels, and fold them neatly.

Place all your blankets and towels in large cardboard boxes or garbage bags.

Call your local animal shelter to verify its hours of operation. Drop off your blankets at the shelter during the hours it is open for business.


Do not give blankets with embellishments, like beadwork, as they may tempt animals to chew the blankets and could also pose a choking hazard to the animals.

Things You'll Need

  • Small blankets
  • Thick towels
  • Unscented washing powder
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Garbage bags
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