How to Get Music on My iPod Nano for Free

Updated February 21, 2017

Although iPod Nanos are smaller in size and capacity than the traditional iPod, they can still hold more than 500 songs, even at their most compact. iPod Nanos are automatically compatible with songs bought from the iTunes store, but if you are on a budget, you may want some free music for your iPod Nano. Luckily, getting free music online and putting it on your iPod Nano is a fairly simple process.

Create a new folder anywhere on your computer with a memorable name where you can keep your music. It should be empty, and it is important that this folder is dedicated to your free music collection. It is most convenient to keep this folder on your desktop, but it can be created anywhere.

Find free music. Websites like EZ Music and Royalty Free Music have collections that encompass contemporary and classical music that do not require royalties. The Spiral Frog service lets you download popular artist tracks for free after watching a few advertisements (see Resources for links.)

Import your files into your iTunes library. Go to the file menu and select the "Add folder to library" function. A window will pop up that will allow you to browse and select the folder you created. Once you have selected it, click the "OK" button and your files will appear in your iTunes library.

Sync your Nano with iTunes. If you use the auto-sync feature, the new files will be added to your iPod automatically if there is sufficient space on your device. if you use manual sync, you can add your files by dragging them to your device's sync list.


Most royalty-free music sites will have collections consisting of classical, jazz and independent music.


Beware of websites that ask for a credit card number in exchange for free music, as many online phishing scams use this lure.

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