How to Put Tissue Paper in a Gift Bag

Updated April 17, 2017

Placing a gift in a paper gift bag can be a decorative and convenient way to give a gift. However, simply placing a bare gift in an empty bag can seem insincere. Wrapping the gift before placing it in the bag is redundant, and crumbled wads of tissue paper can make the whole thing look like a rushed mess. Decorative and well placed placement of tissue paper can quickly add flare to an otherwise plain bag and show the recipient that you cared enough to put an extra special touch on their gift.

Take the first piece of tissue paper and place in inside the gift bag on top of and covering the gift. This piece is not part of the decoration, but simply meant to blanket the gift so that it is not visible while the bag stands up.

From the remaining pieces of tissue paper, chose 5 sheets, preferably of contrasting colours that match the gift bag and make 10 pieces by cutting or gently tearing the sheets in half. This will make for a decorative bag display. For a more simple display, use 4 sheets and stop after Step 4.

Take 1 sheet of tissue paper and lay it flat. Take a second sheet of the same, or of a contrasting colour, and place it on top of the first sheet so that the top of the second sheet sits approximately 3 inches lower than the top of the first sheet. This will create a layered look. Note the piece on the bottom will be the outermost piece when placed in the bag.

Fold the right and left sides of the paper in toward the centre until the tissue paper is the width of the gift bag. Then repeat Steps 3 and 4 so that you have 2 groups of tissue paper.

Place one of the tissue paper arrangements you have made into the bag with the tall piece extending from the bag about 5 inches and the smaller piece extending about 2 inches. The paper should stay by itself, but can be attached to the side of the bag with tape if necessary. Repeat this process with the other paper arrangement on the other side.

Take a sheet of the remaining tissue paper and locate the middle. Wrap the middle of the paper around your fist and crinkle it on the place where it touches your wrist. When you remove the paper from your hand, twist it where you made the wrist indentation and this will form a bouquet. If you have difficulty with this step, make a simpler bouquet by picturing what the paper would look like if the centre was pushed into a glass. Repeat this step with the remaining pieces of tissue paper and place them in the centre of the bag. This will create an impressive bouquet of paper flowers cascading from the centre of the bag.

Fluff and pouf the paper as needed to create the most attractive look.

Things You'll Need

  • A paper gift bag containing a gift
  • Multiple colours of tissue paper (at least 2)
  • Scissors
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