How to Create a Weekly Meal Planner in Excel

Updated March 23, 2017

Creating a weekly meal plan can not only help you and your family save time and stress, but will also help you to eat more nutritious meals and save costs from last-minute fast-food and impulse buys. By organising a structured and healthy meal plan, you can build an accurate shopping list that allows you to make a focused and efficient weekly grocery trip. Gain control of your food purchases in just a few steps by creating a simple, easy-to-use weekly meal planner in Microsoft Excel.

Go to Microsoft's online centre for downloading Office templates. (Follow the link in Resources.)

In the templates search box at the top of the site, enter "weekly meal planner." Click the "Search" button.

Browse through the available meal planners for Microsoft Excel. Choose a planner whose design, layout, and options best suit your organizational skills and lifestyle.

Select the title of the template you wish to download. Click the "Download" button. Agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement to begin your download.

Open your downloaded meal planner template in Microsoft Excel. Customize the colours, fonts and content to meet your needs.

Print out your planner to help you create your shopping list for ingredients. Post it on your refrigerator or a wall of your kitchen wall to remind you of your meals for each day of the week.


When you sit down to plan your meals for the week, first cross out all of the days in which you already know you have a social or work obligation to eat out. This quickly gives you a better idea of exactly how many meals you need to prepare that week. Be sure to plan for healthy snacks in between meals.

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