How to build RV dinette furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're converting a large vehicle into your own homemade RV, you'll likely want dinette furniture installed in it. Or maybe you're looking to replace the furniture that's currently in your vehicle. Whatever the case, building RV dinette furniture is more than just constructing the table and chairs. You also need to make sure these furniture pieces are securely fastened down within the vehicle so it remains secure while driving.

Choose the material that the tabletop will be made of. You can go with something stylish like cherry wood and paint or varnish it. Or you can simply use plywood and cover it with cloth or nylon to make it look nicer. Glue or staple the cover to the tabletop on the underside. Most RV tables are 42 inches by 26 inches.

Construct the table legs and attach them to the tabletop. To allow more leg room, an RV table usually has only two legs that are connected by a support beam in an "H" pattern and attached to the tabletop near the middle instead of at the edges. The legs then stand on planks that lie flat on the floor and are easier to affix to the floor. Use a strong wood glue to bond everything together, as nails or screws can ruin the image.

Attach brackets to one edge of the table. These brackets will affix the table to one of the camper walls for more support. Use screws small enough that they won't drill all the way through the tabletop.

Cut out the pieces to construct the booths that will go with the table. There are usually two 30-inch-high booths that measure 39 inches by 24 inches. The plywood frame of each is made up of a back end, an L-shaped side end, the top end, the back support, the seat and the footrest. There can be one open side end on each booth where it will connect to the RV wall.

Decide if you want to assemble the pieces before or after covering them with furniture fabric for a nicer look. If you cover each piece first, wrap the fabric tightly and staple it to the wood. As with the table pieces, bonding the booth pieces with a strong epoxy cement will help them look better if you know it won't weaken and make the booths fall apart. Look for seat cushions whose fabric goes with what you decorate the frame with.

Secure the table and booths inside the RV in the area you want them in. Wood screws should work fine to affix them to the wall and floor.

Things You'll Need

  • Plywood
  • Cloth/nylon table cover
  • 2-by-4 lumber (table legs)
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Brackets
  • Furniture/upholstery fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Wood screws
  • Saw
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