How to Start My Own Gardening Business

Updated February 21, 2017

Starting a gardening business is similar to starting any other small business, but you must first decide what type of gardening business you intend to operate. Landscaping services vary greatly from retail garden product sales, so outline which business fits your capabilities the best. Identify a local market for this service, look at the potential profitability, and follow a few basic business principles and you can have your own gardening business in no time.

Choose the right name for your gardening business as it tells the world who you are and what type of service you are offering. Be creative and choose a name that is easy to remember. Finding one that will stand out from your competition wherever you advertise is also a consideration. Once you have decided on your name, perform a trademark search to check on its availability. If possible, register your with the Trademark Office for approximately £211. Another important aspect to your business name is to register a website domain for your gardening business. The domains only cost around £6 for each one, so register as many configurations as you can to avoid complication when your gardening business becomes a success.

Determine the structure of your business and get a business license. You can start your gardening business simply as a sole proprietor or as an LLC. You may wish to contact an attorney for help with the LLC or other, more complicated structures. Having as license is necessary for tax and insurance purposes, as well as product and supply discounts. Your structure is also for your protection in terms of tax and product liability.

Develop a business plan outlining the specific services your gardening business will offer along with projections for future growth. Include a budget for any necessary gardening and office supplies, payroll with related tax and insurance expenses, utilities, rent and business insurance. You can find detailed information about creating a business plan at the Small Business Administration website.

Obtain financing for your gardening business with a well thought out business plan complete with realistic projections for profit as well as an outline including accurate costs both for start-up and ongoing business expenses. Collateral, personal financial records and tax returns for at least two years will also be required when you apply for financing.

Advertise your gardening business in your local paper, on local television and online. Personally contact home builders in your area to let them know you are available if you plan to offer landscaping as part of your gardening business.

Find the appropriate location for your gardening business depends on the type of business you plan to operate. Small landscaping businesses can be run from a home office, eliminating the expense of renting space. If your gardening business involves retail sales for plants and supplies, you will need a large space with both outdoor and indoor retail capabilities.

Purchase the equipment and supplies for your gardening business by opening accounts with local vendors. Some retailers offer discounts to small businesses and contractors, so identify those resources.


Pay attention to your competition and identify ways to improve on any services already offered.


Before applying for a loan, optimise your credit score.

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