How to Use a Blender to Grind Coffee

Updated November 21, 2016

Grinding your own coffee beans will give you the fresh taste and pleasing aroma of your favourite coffee shop without the cost associated with it. If you would like to grind coffee beans but do not have a coffee grinder on hand, you can use an ordinary kitchen blender for this task. Due to the messy results, you may want to use a blender that you will utilise solely for grinding coffee beans, but it is not mandatory.

Plug in your blender and remove the lid. Pour a small amount of coffee beans into the blender, being careful not to stick your hand inside.

Replace the lid and press the "Grind" button. If your blender does not have this button, set it to a speed of eight or nine for grinding coffee beans.

Add more coffee beans gradually to the blender by removing the lid and pouring in a small amount. Some blenders may have trouble if you put too many beans in at one time. Continue until all of your desired beans have reached your preferred consistency.

Turn off your blender and pour the ground beans into an airtight canister or container that seals tightly. Store the container at room temperature until ready for use. At room temperature, they will stay fresh for about two weeks.


Freshly ground coffee beans have the best flavour when used within 24 to 72 hours of being ground. Rinse and wash your blender soon after grinding the coffee beans, as it makes a substantial mess.

Things You'll Need

  • Air-tight canister
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