How to make BitTorrent download faster

Updated April 17, 2017

BitTorrent software is usually a fast way to upload and download files shared with other computer users. However, sometimes the firewall or network port settings on your Internet router can reduce the speed of torrent uploads and downloads. To make BitTorrent applications download faster, you will need to implement "port forwarding" on the router. This procedure assigns a specific port on the router to the BitTorrent program.

Launch your BitTorrent application.

Click "Options" on the main menu. Select "Preferences" from the drop-down menu, and then click "Connections." On some BitTorrent applications, you will find the Connections options from the "Tools" or "Settings" menu.

Choose the "Random Port" link. This displays the current port that the program uses to connect to the Internet. Memorise or write down this port number.

Select the check box beside the "Randomise Port" option to deselect and un-tick this option.

Open your web browser and go to your router settings page. The correct address is usually "", "" or "" on most routers. If none of these options works, check your router's user manual.

Click the "Port Triggering" or "Port Forwarding" from the router's settings menu.

Choose the "Add Custom Service" button link. Enter a name for the port into the dialogue box -- for example, "BitTorrent." Select "TCP and UDP" from the drop-down list of options.

Type the port number that you wrote down or memorised in Step 3 into the "Port Number" input box.

Click "OK" or "Save" to save and implement the changes. Your BitTorrent application should now upload and download files more quickly.


The connection speed indicator on the BitTorrent client should change from gold to green when the software is running at optimal speeds.

The procedure to activate port forwarding or port triggering can vary between routers, so always check the router user guide for instructions specific to your make and model.

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