How to Post Golf Clubs on eBay

Updated July 20, 2017

Many people have discovered eBay as a great source for buying or selling items. Among the more popular items to buy and sell are golf clubs, either individually or as a set. If you are looking to sell your clubs on eBay, then here is an easy, step-by-step guide to posting them up for auction.

Clean your clubs. A toothbrush is best for getting into the grooves of the club heads.

Inspect your clubs for any damage. If these clubs have been used at all then the wear will be found around the base of the club heads. You will want to note down exactly which clubs show the most wear. Also, you will want to check for any rusting in the grooves of the clubs.

Clean any and all golf bags, head covers or socks that you wish to include with the auction.

Write down any damage that you find on the golf bag if you are selling one with the clubs.

Find a space where you have a clear wall with no obstructions. Set up your photo table in front of the clear wall.

If your auction includes a golf bag then take a pictures of the clubs inside the bag first. This will be your gallery picture.

If your auction DOES NOT include a golf bag, then arrange your clubs on the table in an orderly fashion. It's easiest to have half of the golf heads facing one direction and the other half facing opposite.

Photograph all of the club heads together.

Photograph both sides of each club head individually.

Photograph the shafts of the clubs.

Photograph the grips of the clubs. Note : If the shafts and grips all match, then you can take group pictures of the these instead of doing them individually.

Upload your pictures onto your computer.

Write the make, model, year and numbers of the clubs you are selling at the top of the auction.

Write down shaft lengths, the material they are made out of (steel or graphite) and what flexibility they are (regular, soft or stiff).

Write down which clubs have the most wear and if you found any rusting on them.

Write down any defects on the golf bag if you are selling one.

Make a paragraph that states exactly which clubs are included in this auction. This should help reduce the number of questions you have during the auction.

Upload your pictures into your auction. Note : Some eBay Auction Management Services have a limit to the number of pictures you can put up. You will need to know what that number is so that you don't end up paying for more pictures than you want.

Review your auction. If you are satisfied that there are no spelling errors and everything is the way you want it, then post it for auction.

Things You'll Need

  • Club or clubs set that you are selling, a digital camera, and an eBay account.
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