How to Replace Windshield Wipers in a Ford Focus

The first generation of the Ford Focus arrived in 1999 and has been one of the top selling compact cars since. Every couple of years, you're going to need to replace the windshield wipers of your Focus in order to ensure that the blades continue to remove water and debris effectively. Use the Bosch brand windshield wipers to make your replacement.

Order your windshield wipers from Auto Parts Warehouse. Each wiper is sold individually and, depending on the type of Ford Focus you own, you may need a rear wiper as well. For the front wipers, you can order the Bosch 22-inch wipers for all Ford Focus models.

Prepare your wipers for replacement. You should clean the windshield prior to replacement and turn off your car once your wipers have stopped in a vertical position.

Remove the old wipers quickly with the new DirectConnect System patented by Bosch. This system does not rely on extra adapters and parts and you can perform the replacement in less than 5 minutes. Locate the release switch at the center of the arm and press down on it. You can now easily slide out the old wipers.

Push the new wipers into the center switch of the arm. You're going to keep sliding until you feel the Focus wipers click into place. Wiggle the wipers gently to make sure they feel secure inside the arm.


You'll change the rear windshield wipers in the same manner as the front set. However, most drivers replace their front set more often than the rear. When you test the wipers after installation, you're going to make sure that they remove water effectively without making any scraping sounds.

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