How many calories are in a banana milkshake?

Milkshakes are a popular dessert, and they can have a lot of calories. Calories from a banana milkshake come from carbohydrates, protein and fat. Some types of calories are easier to digest than others for some people. Because of this, some people metabolise desserts better than others. On average, a 475ml (16 oz.) milkshake is 345 calories. This is using 1/2 cup ice cream, 235ml (8 oz.) milk and one banana.


A regular milkshake is made of three parts: bananas, milk and vanilla ice cream. Sometimes syrups or sauces, like caramel and chocolate, are used. There are many factors that can change a banana milkshake's calorie count. The type of banana, the percentage of milk or the type of ice cream can dramatically change a banana milkshake's calories. Even a topping sauce can change the amount significantly.


Different bananas have different calorie counts. A common banana has 172 calories, while lady finger and sugar bananas have 95 calories. Though the general recipe for ice cream is the same, different brands of ice cream have different calorie counts. Every 1/2 cup serving Ben & Jerry's vanilla has 240 calories, Breyer's Homemade vanilla has 140 calories, Haagen-Dazs's vanilla has 270 calories, and Edy's Grand French Vanilla has 150 calories. There are also different types of vanilla (French, vanilla bean) and low-fat ice creams. The milk used in a banana milkshake also makes a big difference. Every 225 ml serving of skimmed milk contains 80 calories, 1 per cent milk has 100 calories, 2 per cent milk has 120 calories and whole milk has 150 calories.


There are low-fat milkshakes made with yoghurt, frozen yoghurt or just iced milk instead of ice cream, using sugar to compensate for sweetness. Sometimes honey is used instead of sugar. Some people do not use cow's milk for milkshakes but similar liquids like almond milk and soy milk.


The amount of calories in a banana milkshake also depends on its size. On average, 3/4 cup of a fast-food milkshake has 280 calories, though not many restaurants use banana in their milkshakes. A banana's calorie count changes according to size. A small banana averages 80 calories, a medium banana averages 100 calories and a large banana averages 115 calories.


A banana milkshake can be healthy despite the calories. The best ingredients make the best milkshake. Bananas are healthy to use in desserts. Athletes eat bananas to restore the minerals and vitamins used during exercise. Two bananas are enough for a 1 1/2-hour workout.

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