How to Choose Gifts for a Nail Technician

Updated April 17, 2017

Good nail technicians, just like hairstylists, are difficult to find and even more difficult to hang on to as they become more popular. However, people who really want to preserve a good relationship with their nail technicians will tip them well and remember them frequently. Christmas is a great time to remember to say a special "Thank you" to service individuals who help make life easier and much more fun.

Buy her a Christmas ornament from Personalized Ornaments. There are two choices, both figures of nail technicians who are ready to go to work.

Give her a beautiful wooden business card holder for her desk or station. There are two models to choose from at Kyle Design.

Buy her a mug made especially for her that says, "Just because I'm a nail technician, it doesn't mean I can work miracles." You can purchase it online from Gifts for Professionals (see Resources section below).

Send her a basket of fruit. It's inexpensive, sweet and healthy.

Present her with a Christmas bonus. The average bonus of this type is generally somewhere between three and fives times a normal tip.

Purchase a new lamp for her table. Nail technicians seldom have enough light to do their jobs well. Help her out by giving her one with better power or an ability to move around easily.

Give her a charm bracelet with charms that represent her profession or one that is engraved with her name and the date the gift was given to her.

Arrange for a meal to be brought into her shop. Make it something special that she will remember for a long time.

Gift her with a new professional manicure kit. Like scissors with a hairstylist, nail technicians can never have enough manicure equipment. But opt for something unusual like gold or platinum plating or engraved pieces.

Purchase some new service tunics. These can be purchased at any uniform shop or beauty supply house.


Try to personalise the gift chosen to the person receiving it. Wrap the present with thought. Incude a card with a handwritten note. Deliver the gift yourself rather than having it delivered or dropped off.


Stay away from gifts with a religious connotation.

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