How to Repair the Convergence on Your Samsung Rear Projection TV

Updated July 20, 2017

Repairing convergence on your Samsung rear projection TV is straightforward. You can manually adjust the convergence through the TV's menu if the automatic option doesn't work. If your convergence needs to be corrected you'll know; the image on the TV will be duplicated in different colours. Should you be unable to correct the project manually, you may need to contact Samsung support to have your TV serviced.

Turn on your TV and let it play for about 30 minutes.

Press the "Menu" button on your remote. You should see the menu appear on-screen.

Select "Function" then press the joystick.

Select "Convergence" then press the joystick. You'll now see the convergence menu.

Select "Red" then press the joystick. You will see a series of crosshairs appear on the screen.

Select one of the outside crosshairs to correct. Use the channel and volume buttons to correct the image. You'll want to have all the lines converge as close to the crosshair as possible. Make the crosshair as white as possible.

Repeat this process for all the outside crosshairs, then the inside ones.

Select "Blue" when you return to the manual convergence menu and repeat all the steps.


If convergence is still a problem, call Samsung Customer Care at 1-800-Samsung and make an appointment to have your TV serviced.

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